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Protection of privacy


Members, merchants and visitors are both the users of Souqallayl. Pay attention to protect user's privacy is a basic principle and policy of Souqallayl. When you are browsing and using Souqallayl, you understand, accept and agree to obey our privacy protaction policy. With the expansion of our service range, we will update privacy protaction statement at any time. Once the relevant terms have been updated,it shall be take effect upon its publication at the website. If you disagree with the privacy policy and amendment, please terminate your use of the website immediately. Otherwise, it will be deemed that you have accepted the updated privacy protaction policy. So we advise that you can check it regularly.


Notes:When you agree with the service agreement to enter Souqallayl, you have agreed to use and disclose your personal information according to the privacy protaction statement. All the terms of privacy protection are the part of agreement. 

Article 1 User name and password:

After successful registration, there shall be a account and password generated, you can change your password according to the tips of Souqallayl. Please keep your login name and password, save and use password carefully to ensure the safety, accurancy, authenticity and effective of information. If you find any illegal use or bugs with your account or login name and password are endangered caused by some reasons, please contact our online customer service and call the free national hotline:400-8496-996. Otherwise, any disclosure of information caused by user's negligence or sharing login name and password with others, even personal information, login name, password dsclosure,lost, stolen or changed due to network's abnormal operation that arising from any temporary closure caused by hacker attacks, computer virus invasion or attack, government control and so on. 

Article 2 Personal information of user:

Information including but not limited to your name, address, phone number, email address, contact person, fax and the information you published through this site(including but not limited to company, products and business information, you can revise these content by login name and password), will be collected at the time of user registration. The purpose of collecting these information is to implement terms of service and provide our promised cross-border ecommerce platform service

for you so that potential customers or we can get in touch with you for the achievement of trade cooperation opportunities and solutions of possible problems.

Article 3 User implied information:

User implied information comes from"user access records", including but not limited to"Cookies"(Require to accept "Cookies" when accessing the site), "IP address", browsed web page or other digital identification and the information requested to submit at the time non-members (visitors)using part of services of Souqallayl. We collect these information to improve your friendliness of our website.We will provide effective services pertinently through comprehensive statistics and market analysis. It is also a necessary measure to prevent Souqallayl from malicious attack.


1)Cookies is a little amount of data, in the case of you accepting Cookies, it will be send to your browser and stored in the hard drive. We use Cookies to store the data that you visiting on our website so that we can identify your ID and provide more and better service through data analysis at the time you visit our site again. 

2) Tracking IP address is in consideration of the identification of your ID and transaction authenticity, security and other requirements that conform to national regulation. If we didn't find any security problems, we will delete the IP address we collected after sixty days. We also track the page access data all day which is used to reflect the website traffic so that we can make plans for future development(For example, add servers)   


Article 4 Disclosure and use of user information

1. Souqallayl hereby declares that we strictly protect user's privacy and information about customers, we shall not provide, sell, rent, share and trade user's personal information to any third party unless get user's permission or law's requirements. Souqallayl shall not disclose user information except the following situations:

(a) Acquire explicit authorization or approval for disclose of user in advance 

(b) Implement requirements for Souqallayl's term of service;

(c) According to requirements of relevant laws and regulations;

(d) In accordance with the requirements of relevant government department;

(e) To maintain the legitimate interests of public, requirements for other users or personal safety;

(f) To maintain the legal interest of Souqallayl

(g) When working with third party and provide better service for users, however, the third party will be banned from accessing relevant information immediately after cooperation;

2. The company name, address, contacts, telephone, products provided for the demand of development of foreign trade will be listed directly or indirectly on the relevant pages of Souqallayl, it also will be open to all the users so that potential customers can contact with you in time for Reaching a trade cooperation opportunity. So we suggest that you carefully consider before publish any information of yourself in the public information.

3.Souqallayl will keep the information you submitted and make comprehensive analysis, under the precondition of not disclosing individual user privacy, Souqallayl has the right to analyze the database of all the users and make commercial use of the database. 

Article 5 External links:

This platform contains external links, we shall not take any responsibility for privacy protection that reach to other websites through the links on Souqallayl.Please refer to their privacy policy before you providing personal information.

Souqallayl reserves the right of final interpretation



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